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Conrad Awards - Only a Dreamer -( MAKE THE WORLD AWESOME )

Posted by Issame Djahnine
The Script : Whatever You do , however you do it If You are Not making someone else's life better then you are wasting your time I'm a scout-boy , helping people and volunteer spirit are part of me , even I am only 18 but I always trying to be much older the world needs me - I believe that the big change which the world is expecting to see , starts from Me! I'm always looking forward to improve myself and my own skills and build a better version of me . My life changed when I joined scout in 2006 , I didn't know what " Volunteer " means , then I start thinking deeply . It's sharing with people their happiness, their sadness , , be the reason of their smiles and the wiper of their tears . I've done many things that make me really satisfied and i say proudly: "help people is my duty "because the world is part of me and I'm part of the world. So every person should raise his voice and say: Without "ME" Life would just be "AWESO" 3 years ago , I watched an extremely awesome movie called "Gifted hands" , it was about a passionate kid , his dream was only to become a surgeon , I could see how that kid sacrificed what he is for what he would be whatever poor conditions, and the problems he faced My dream is to be a surgeon, actually the world don't need a normal one, it needs a dreamer , work lover and the one who got that motivation to innovate and change this occupation radically well this is Me That's how I am going to change the World , remember my name may be one you'll write on me , don't forget to say : He was only a dreamer ! Like Conradawards On Facebook : Follow on Twitter : " Keep Calm and Get Your Genius ON "
Posted November 17, 2013 - Filed in #VideoChallenge
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