Past Teams

As a Spirit of Innovation Awards participant, you are in exceptional company. Check out the successes of our past winners:

  • Several 2011 winners in Aerospace Exploration, Cyber Security and Clean Energy are in review for patent and commercial opportunities.
  • 2010 Renewable Energy winners are working with a university adviser to prototype their water filtration system which uses geothermal energy.
  • A nutrition bar presentation at 2010 Innovation Summit led to the development of a new product which flew aboard NASA’s Space Shuttle on STS-134. Team members were invited to the first White House Science Fair, interviewed by Fox News, CNN, Elle Girl, MTV Geek and have spoken at the International Space Development Conference, National Space Symposium, AIAA conference and more.
  • The winners of the 2009 Renewable Energy Category who created a motionless thermal generator to make electricity from the ocean seafloor went on to receive two patents on their technology, were recognized by the Chairman of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, profiled on Popular Science Radio, interviewed by BBC World News and are archived in the Kennedy Library.

The winners of the 2008 Aerospace Category continue to present their product – a mechanical counter-pressure spacesuit using electro-muscular stimulation to help prevent muscle degeneration – at universities and professional conferences; most recently, presenting as part of a Spirit of Innovation Awards program at the 2011 TEDxSF.

2010-2011 Pete Conrad Scholars

Aerospace Exploration:

Ouroboros, Upper Clair High School, Pittsburg, PA
Product:  Perpetual Harvest Space Nutrition System that takes organic waste created during long-duration space flights and creates compost that is then used to grow fresh foods and also serves as an air filter for human habitation.

NSBRI Aerospace Award

Morpheus, North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics, Durham, NC
Product:  Space Sleep Pod which would replace current sleeping fixtures aboard spacecrafts and provide noiselessness, comfort, lighting and privacy for a more effective and better sleeping experience for astronauts in space.


Clean Energy:
West Philly EVX Team, West Philadelphia High School Auto Academy,
West Philadelphia, PA

Product:  Electric Very Light Car (EVLC) is being prepared for commercial market and will set the standard for efficiency with electric vehicles.

Constellation Renewable Energy Award

CIRPSICSR, Alexandria, VA
Product: ULTRApod is an underwater unit that uses turbines to harness hydrokinetic energy from a flowing river; electricity generated by the turbines is then used to power an ultraviolet chamber that disinfects and purifies the dirty river water.

Cyber Security:
Unisecurity, North Carolina School of Science & Mathematics, Durham, NC

Product: Med PAL smartphone application that works with a Bluetooth enabled heart rate monitor worn by the user to automatically contact a call center and/or personal emergency contacts based on GPS coordinates should irregularities occur.


People’s Choice Award Winners:
Scientifica White Hats, Northern High School in Durham, NC

Product: The Phone Guard is an all‐in‐one master security system for smartphones that uses face recognition, finger print size recognition, average finger tap recognition, GPS coordination alerts and more to make it the most demanded security product.


Facebook Challenge:
R Squared, Beverly Hills High School, Los Angeles, CA
Product: Dependable Ride is a mobile application that allows users to send a notification to all nearby friends alerting them of their need for a safe mode of transportation.


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