About Us

The Spirit of Innovation Challenge is where students become rock stars!

The Conrad Foundation’s Spirit of Innovation Challenge invites high school students and their coaches (teachers, parents) to Get Their Genius On during its annual competition. Using science, technology, engineering and math skills, teams develop innovative products to help solve global and local problems while supporting global sustainability. As part of the program, the Conrad Challenge matches participants with world-renowned scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs as mentors to assist with advanced academic and business principles.

Student teams compete for awards and recognition, including a chance to attend the annual Innovation Summit where they will present their products and vie for seed grants, patent support and commercial opportunities.

Driving a Movement

The Conrad Challenge is free and available to students from all socioeconomic levels. The Spirit of Innovation Challenge gives teachers an exciting and dynamic way to teach STEM. We provide a way for teachers to go beyond the textbook and help students truly understand how what they are learning can be applied to something with large-scale social impact. The Spirit of Innovation Challenge is not just a program … it is a movement to train the next generation and drive the economy of tomorrow.

Learn more about participating as a student, coach, mentor and get started today!