6 members led by Varun Vallabhaneni
We are a group of friends who became interested in finding a solution for essential tremors. Our product was inspired by a high school friend who suffers from hand tremors. We developed a specialized glove that adds resistance in the hand and wrist. Our p...  more

5 members led by Svetak Sundhar
Our product is a smartphone application that helps grocery shoppers with certain medical conditions make informed rational decisions about the products they are buying.

6 members led by Jennifer Wu
We are dedicated reducing food waste and making sure everyone is provided with the freshest food possible!

4 members led by Heather Lukas
We aspire to manage blood-glucose levels in a convenient and healthy way through the implementation of OmniSENSE, our novel solution to the inconvenience and inefficiency of current glucose monitors. OmniSENSE will function as an implantable subcutaneous ...  more

6 members led by Sidd Chandra
International Protective and Assistive Technologies is a group of 5 high school students who aim to improve living standards around the world.