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Bionic Technologies is a team of two inventors who want to make the world a better place. Our innovative prosthetic solution, IntentSense (, is Simple, Multipurpose, Affordable, Restorative, and Trainable (SMART). IntentSense is a bionic g...  more

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Protecting your Privacy

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All members of Team TXT U L8R have personal stories of how someone we know was affected by distracted driving. Our goal is to design a device to detect a distracted driver and refocus that person. By reinterpreting 3D modeling data from a Microsoft Kinect...  more

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Our team working on to make history in Medical Science through Innovation.

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Many blind people rely on the assistance of guide dogs, canes, home aides or home alterations to maneuver around their homes. There are many drawbacks to each of these such as cost, and prevention of head-level injuries, and ease of use. Blind Sensor Navi...  more