3 members led by Emily Tang
We're the Tubetastic Trio and our goal is to prevent biofilm formation in food grade tubing.Thanks for visiting our profile! :)

3 members led by Christopher Yuan
Developing products for energy efficient water collection

3 members led by Amine Boubezari
Our product allows trees and other plants to grow in harsh, vegetation-deprived areas such as deserts. In addition to helping out individual people in search of sustenance agriculture, our product has applications in the Green Wall project in Africa curre...  more


4 members led by Abigail Radford
A team of entrepreneurs from the Eastern seaboard, we're passionate for all things STEM. We plan to merge the everyday pedestrian with renewable energy.

2 members led by WenTao Zhang
Hailing from Chapel Hill, North Carolina, the members of Team WaSOR strive to solve the numerous remediation issues that arise from oil spills by integrating their knowledge of chemistry, biology, and environmental science.