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  • Recognizing What Model of Transducer To Buy Can Enhance The Longevity Of Commercial Tools October 2 , 2013 | Author: Art Quinn | Posted in Business

    Strain gauge transducers are manufactured from several distinct materials. Tool Steel, Aluminum, or Stainless Steel.


    Tool steel elements are probably the most well-liked tranducers utilized these days. The cost-to-performance percentage is better, compared to other materials found in load cell construction. The most popular alloy used is 4330. Tool steel transducers are comparatively cheap, have a large capacity range and are best found in dry purposes.


    Aluminum is mostly used in single point, low capacity applications. Aluminum is the cheapest of the three components used to produce load cells. Aluminum load cells are restricted by their low capacity array and shouldn’t be exposed to wet or chemical circumstances.


    The 3rd substance employed for load cell development is stainless-steel. This blend has the finest capabilities of any of the stainless derivatives. Stainless steel load cells cost more than tool steel or aluminum , but their resistance to deterioration makes them an ideal choice in wet or corrosive applications.


    Another important item to take into account when developing a weighing system is how the load cell’s internal pieces are shielded from the setting.


    Environmentally sealed is utilized to describe several techniques, but in the long run is achieved by one or more of the following: rubber boots, glued on covers or potting the gauge cavity of the load cell. This sort of sealing will safeguard the load cell from damage attributable to dust and debris and moderate humidity caused by splashing of water. By no means will the load cell be protected from immersion under water or being in contact with high pressure cleaning. Another sealing technique used on transducers is hermetically sealed. This boasts a welded cover or sleeve that encapsulates the gauge pocket. The load cell cable entry area also uses a welded barrier to avoid moisture from wicking in the load cell, and shorting it out. This method is mostly used with stainless steel load cells as a stainless, hermetically sealed load cell should only be used in heavy wash down or chemical applications. This tends to make for a higher priced load cell but if long life in a hostile environment is preferred, this is actually the most cost effective answer over time.


    A welded seal loadcell is similar to a hermetically sealed cell , with the exception of where the load cell cable comes out. A welded seal cell generally has the same load cell cable attachment as the environmentally sealed cell. Sometimes, the welded sealed cell may have a conduit adapter for the load cell cable, allowing some amount of protection. While the gauge area itself is safeguarded by the welded seal, the cable entry is not. Welded sealed load cells are to be used where the cell could get wet occasionally, but are not meant for heavy wash down purposes.


    Producing reports on issues like weighing equipment and weighing companies is the speciality of contributor Art Quinn

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