In the 2015-16 season

  • If McFadden chooses to break up peacefully with the Cowboys, he can immediately sign up with any other team in the NFL.In the 2015-16 season, McFadden promoted the 1089 yards for Cowboys' single-season ball run, ranking 4th in the league. Last season, McFadden played for Dallas for only three games due to Madden 18 Coins elbow injuries during the offseason. However, he defeated Morris and became Elliott's top substitute.

    During the entire off-season preparation and training camp this year, McFadden trained as Elliott's number one substitute. At that time, Elliot was facing a six-game suspended penalty at any time due to a violation of the Union's Personal Conduct Rules. However, McFadden unexpectedly did not appear on the team's active player list during the Cowboys opener this season against the New York Giants.