EA gives up and gives players what they lose in FIFA 18

  • APP Sports has spent a whole month repairing FIFA's 18 mistakes, and the game does not count the experience in the EAS FC catalog. Although the problem was solved last week, there are still complaints about developers, cheap fut 18 coins,because no one is back to the level we lost.

    After a week of stress, EA responds to players:

    Given the recent problems and calculation associated with XP EASFC EASFC all 18 who log in and play the FIFA issued 5 days or above the level of the players added to your account level for each player will be based on the current level and progress EASFC made so far. Given the scale of the whole process, updating the level of all gamer accounts and displaying that level in the game may take some time. When the process is complete, we will update this thread.

    FIFA 18 BBS users report that their levels have actually risen. For example , from 13 to 27, from 58 to 64 or from 66 to 74.

    The attitude of EXPERT ADVISOR sports has quieted the community,fifa ultimate Team 18 coins, but what you can say - still revolted after the whole action.