The silent rise and "disappearance" of the most downloaded apps

  • Perhaps surprisingly, the most down loaded apps in Spain are not WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter... Not even Wallapop. In fact , this statement is logical, and they have settled in the population for many years. Basically, because what "smart phone" doesn't have a Wha tsApp? Even so, last October, there were nearly 1 . 5 million downloads. Exactly, 1, 494, 705. Only FUT 18 Draft, a football video game, and interestingly, it doesn't play football. According to the company's estimates,

    Developed by Pacybits, it accumulated a prior data of 1, 525, 361 downloads on GuGe Play in October. Fifa 18 Comfort Trade coins.The actual simulator is based on an almost complete set of flag fleet's FIFA 18, a classic game of EA sports that takes over two decades associated with leading industry. In the ultimate team, the user through the virtual currency (though they can get "FIFA COINS") with real money to buy football athletes in the world of letters, composed of a team, and the other players are "online" for all kinds of games.

    Based on the characters and the market system, FUT 18 draft allows its users to create templates and competition among them, their ancestors' difference: there is a capital in FIFA is to play the game, but in the FUT eighteen draft no . In other words, it is necessary to control the players in the competition. Second, the results depend largely on chance.

    Because the FUT 18 Write player can control one aspect is to help them win the game. This is "team chemistry", as expected, which is also the invention regarding FIFA. When configuring a queue, you need to consider a range of variables, such as nationality, league and their location or ideal location in reality. This determines a "chemistry" of more or less within a range of 0 to 100. The more synergy the team members have, the better the team will perform. Translated into FUT 20: the more "chemistry" has a team, the more chances they have to win a level match in a simulated game.

    Less than a month of prosperity

    In just a month's time (which premiered in September), the FUT 16 draft "ate" Spain's two mobile soccer managers, such as LaLiga Fantasy Marca as well as Comunio. If the Pacybits simulator was saved over 1 . 5 million in October, the game developed by the LaLiga and Marca newspapers would only remain at 33. In recent months, German rivals have lost only 13, 500. The two then have the advantage of "factor realism": players get more or less points per day depending on their performance on the spot.

    Even at the end of August, LaLiga Fantasy Marca could be close to the success of the FUT 18 Pen at the start of the first season. In the first few days of the championship, brand simulators were downloaded 10, 000 times a day, far below the 103, 000 cap that Pacybits had on Oct 7.

    In any event, the actual "prosperity" of the FUT18 draft in March is worth studying.Fifa 18 Player Auction coins. Just because in less than a week, multiplied by ten daily downloads, from about 5, 000 to 50, 000 times, it went up to 100, 000 in 15 days. The sudden success may have been due to the launch of FIFA 18 on all platforms, the most popular video games on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

    Even more surprising, if it were possible, once the monthly equator was passed, the amount of the particular FUT 18 Draw up would collapse until it was close to its competitors' downloads. According to Data provided to the media by Priori Data, in November, they had stabilized regarding 5, 000 every day routines and continued to be the most downloaded soccer simulator in Spain. That, of course , is a much cry from the incredible Numbers he handled in October, which left him oblivious to the "giant" involving mobile apps.